Solar Boat Team
Solar Boat Team
Goes to Netherlands 2021
Holland, 2019


Some People who dedicated for Solar Ship to develop Green Energy

UI SBT 2021


Our Futuristic Ship from Beginning



Institution support us so we can make it happen



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Universitas Indonesia Solar Boat Team (UI SBT), is a group of engineering students of the Universitas Indonesia that have an interest in the field of renewable energy, particularly in the field of solar energy. It is triggered by the issue of global warming are rife discussed by the world community. Departing from this, we as a UI student wants to contribute in the fields of environment, but still not forgotten our basic as engineering students.

After doing considerable research done on what to focus on, we agreed to develop and create a solar-powered boat. In order to have a goal to be achieved, our team participate on a race of solar-powered ship on the international level, the Dutch Solar Challenge or now renamed as Solar Sport One.

A Words from Universitas Indonesia Rector

“Keikutsertaan Solar Boat Team Universitas Indonesia telah membawa harum nama Indonesia dan memperkenalkan kapal khas Indonesia dalam kontes internasional serta meningkatkan citra Indonesia sebagai poros maritim dunia. Kehadiran para perwakilan Indonesia dikancah internasional menunjukkan bahwa Indonesia memiliki SDM yang tangguh dan siap bersaing secara global serta mampu memicu pertumbuhan inovasi dalam pemanfaatan energi ramah lingkungan di Indonesia”

Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Anis, M. Met.

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